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I started drawing comic books at the age of six and have since always loved to draw, though for many years I had to put my artwork on hold. My name is Charles Silvey, age 76; I am a retired Technical Artist/Equipment Graphic Illustrator of 38 years.

My first project was because of the movie, “Somewhere in Time” – time was all I had, so I started drawing scenes from the movie, to me it was fun. After a great amount of drawing and painting I mailed a letter to Jane Seymour. She was very nice and sent a letter back to me thanking me for all the art work. Some of the art work she kept and some she requested to sell to raise funds for charity.

For my next project, I thought if I could draw and paint oil portraits of the stars, just maybe if they liked my art work they would hang it in their homes. So I came up with the idea, “Artist for the Stars” and because I have always loved country music I started doing portraits of country music stars; after 56 portraits I decided to showcase my art on the internet.

I hope you enjoy viewing my art work as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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Artist Charles Silvey painting Alan Jackson portrait
Arltist Charles Silvey with portraitrk
Artist Charles Silvey painting airplane
Artist Charles Silvey