In the early 1950s I went into the Army and served in Korea where I was injured, when I returned to the States, after a long recovery in a hospital in Japan, I was stationed at Fort Benning, GA. During my posting at Ft. Benning I served on a map reading committee whose purpose was to teach the troops to read maps. My job was to draw maps and make signs for the troops’ field work. I used large billboards that allowed the troops to see the terrain features and elevations for each area.

I have always loved the art work of Norman Rockwell; so after my tour of service, I took a home study course from the Famous Artist School. Norman Rockwell served on the board of directors, and sent me a nice letter after I wrote to him upon completing the course.

I retired from my job as a technical artist at age 56, and although my children were married by this time, much of my time was devoted to my wife and family and home renovation projects.

My love for country music inspired me to draw the country musicians for fun. My ideas would come from the “Country Weekly Magazine” and after some time I noticed addresses for the country stars were in the magazine, so I started mailing them their portraits I had done.

Today this is my hobby; I draw and paint for fun.

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General Robert L. Scott and artist
Artist Charles Silvey and wife Donna
Artist Charles Silvey and grandson
General Robert Scott, author of "God is my Co-pilot" standing with artist. Oil painting is of the General sitting on the wing of his plane as ammunition is loaded.
Artist Charles Silvey in Army uniform, age 21
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