Every artist I think has his or her own way of painting portraits. My way of painting oil portraits is to paint in stages; I paint for one day on each portrait and put it aside to dry.

I have so many ideas come in my head I make one layout after another on canvas. My first stage is to do a light wash by thinning my oil paint so I can still see my layout through my paint. After about six layers my portrait will come together, I let each layer dry first, my last layer I will blind and do my detail work.

I make sure that one day is only on one person, because to get a good likeness you have to be thinking only about this person, look for all the little lines, features, any single part of a face, you have to feel this person, I always start with the eyes, if you don't have the eyes right your likeness will not come together. My very last thing is the hair.

My color pencil drawings only take me two or three days each to draw. The oil portraits take much longer.
I have sold some of my art work, although most of it has been for family and friends. When I came down with cancer and had 38 radiation treatments, everything changed for me. My outlook on life, my needs, all changed. All I wanted to do then was my art work, I had so many plans, I just wanted time to do them, and like all artists I wanted to be remembered.

I have been honored to have numerous drawings and oil paintings displayed in various museums. Among them are 19 drawings and paintings displayed at the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins Georgia, 2 oil portraits at the Carter Museum in Atlanta, and the Mighty Eight Air Force Heritage Museum in Savannah Georgia will have 8 oil paintings upon their completion. Additionally, my work is on display at the Admiral Boorda Center for Children with Exceptional Needs at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas and the Warner Robins Air Force Base Library.

On this site are some of the pieces I have created over the years, please email me if you have any questions at charlesr@artistforthestars.com

Artist Charles Silvey at work
Swiss Alps
Work in Progress